The fifth
of golf

Play immersive and authentic VRGolf in an individual and multiplayer experience.

Learn and improve your real golf making your full swing in our courses. Golf shot analysis with real time full data. 

Improve your handicap and compete under the International eGolf Federation rules. 

Play the biggest championships and best golf courses in the world.


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The courses

Royal Liverpool

Home of the 151st Open
Hoylake, England


World Class Golf Course home of the DP World Tour Championship. Dubai.


A desert classic in Golf 5. The first ever 18 hole VR standalone course.


Trees and magnificent golf architecture combined


The place where you want to be. Beach, palms and golf. What else?


Where the wild meets the green. Golf under the Kilimajaro’s snowed capped peak.

Unique full swing

Golf launch manager



Full game translation

Wind dynamic factor


Create your own personal avatar and communicate with your friends

Feedback from
Golf5 users


Authentic Golf, just brilliant!!

“Amazing game!. I am a weekend golfer with not much time to practice. With your game I am improving a lot my real golf!!!. I have a lot of fun and specially the short game is very realistic. I can’t wait for you guys to keep improving physics and publish actual golf courses so we can test them with your algorithm”


Love love love the upgrade

“Played 9 on the forest course which was great and very realistic Love that you can now play from waste areas on Dunes course and the putting is much improved and very true now. Tried the new swing dynamics for nine holes much more true to Life trajectory and really realistic I want to try the Fato Doggo driver but dont want to give up my favourite Callaway triple track putter Congratulations Developers, getting better and better”


Fantastic golf game and fun to play

“I really enjoy the regular updates and able to play with friends on both Oculus 1 and Oculus 2 a full version of golf. This is a wonderful game and I’m really enjoying the game, lots of features, continued support and virtual sunshine it provides.”


Best golf in town

“Physics are accurate, just like the real thing. It turns out that I hit the same distance and now got almost the same in-game handicap rating as in irl. Quite easy to setup games to play with friends. Side dishes like minigolf, WIPP and tournaments.”


Thoroughly Enjoyable

“I really enjoy this game and don’t see any way you could give it less than 5 stars. Every day is a beautiful, bright sunny day and the fairways and greens are always in great condition. If you weren’t in a good mood when you started, you certainly are after playing a couple holes. The graphics are delightful and the sound effects help set the mood– a perfect sunny morning and you don’t have to work today. I love the way you chose your club, scope out the hole and plan your shot. The swing and ball travel feel realistic–I have just as many “Oh sh__” moments as on the real course as my slice sails off into the weeds or I blow the putt. Swinging the controller, even if you use an extension simulating a golf club, probably isn’t going to improve your real golf game much. But I find the mental part of the game is remarkably similar to the real thing. I’ve been playing for about a year now and still look forward to every round, particularly during the dark days of winter. Just like in real golf, I find it helpful to spend some time at the driving range just hitting ball after ball with different clubs, though here the bucket of balls never runs out.”


Great, great, GREAT!

“Tried numerous golf games but Golf 5 eClub plays and feels the most accurate to me. Just a couple of call outs, would be nice to have the option to have an actual golf bag next to you to select your club rather than having to look to the big screen. I will come back to the BIG SCREEN in a minute. Would also be good to have the option for the game to have a check box to allow the game to select the club for you for the more novice users. Loving the in game graphics but the big screen that shows all the information is too BIG for my liking and detracts from game. Find myself having to really look up to select a club etc. especially where the big screen sits is higher than the fairway or where the ball has landed. An option to resize the screen would be amazing. In game Avatar creation would be great and also more courses…we need more courses. That said, still rate 5 STARS but please do keep the improvements coming and hope you consider some of the suggestions above.”


Let’s me roll back the years !

“(I am formerly a 4 handicap golfer) I played this for twenty minutes and put it down to write this quick review. I was only able to do that as the headset battery ran out. Eagerly waiting for it to charge! I went on the driving range first as I thought it might take some getting used to. I’ve not played seriously for twenty years or so. So my first swing was a bit stiff and sure enough it pulled to the left, just where I would have expected it to go. A few swings later, I was smashing it up the middle with my typical shot shape. Probably a little further than would have expected in reality. Probably a little bit straighter too. But I’m not complaining 🙂 Putting was similar although it did feel like the putter was going too far through the ball. ‘Walkabout’ putting was much better in this regard. So I went out on the course. Graphics were great and almost felt like I was back out on the course again. It was very immersive. Two birdie putts on the first two holes, probably tells me that it is a little generous with the tolerances, but I don’t really want it to be 100% realistic. If I wanted that humiliation, I’d dust my clubs off. Perhaps there are settings to play with? Headset looks ready! I’m off. Love this game already!”


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